we come to create any circuits by LM358

The LM358 dual operational amplifier chip is IC 8 pin small size that very useful, you can create a variety of different circuits.
For example :
Led light movement the audio signal with LM358 – IC 4017 This is a circuit that features a running pace with a changing voice, the tiny microphone. For a frivolous fun.[…]
Dew sensor by LM358 – Dew (condensed moisture) ad- versely affects the normal per- formance of sensitive electronic devices. A low-cost circuit described here can be used to switch off any gadget automatically […]
100W Square wave Inverter by CD4047, LM358,2SC1061,2N3055 – This is AC Inverter. Input 12VDC from car battery to output 220V AC 50Hz or 60Hz at Square wave signal.[…]

LM358 circuits
Dome Lamp Dimmer by LM358 There are times when a little light inside the car would greatly assist one of the passengers but the dome light is too bright for safe driving. […]
Solar panel voltage regulator by LM358 , TIP142 Here is the schematic diagram of my regulator. You may want to print it out, and then go on reading. […]
AC Current Monitor by LM358,LM324 Senses high current-flow into power cables No wire-cutting, three versions available The basic circuit is shown top left in the drawing and must be used in all three versions. […]

LM358 op-amp
Solar panel voltage regulator by LM358 For regulating a solar panel’s output, there are several possible ways. A linear series regulator can be used, […]
LANTERN FLASHER – DIMMER by LM358 Basically a high-efficiency dimmer, but can also be used as a flasher. In dimmer mode, the LM358 (dual op-amp) is wired to send […]
FM Transmitter with Op-amp This is FM Transmitter with Op-amp LM358. It is basic circuit for all user. Parts List: R1 4K7 R4 150K R7 3K9 (2K7) R2 4K7 R5 220R R8 120R (82R) R3 4K7 R6 4K7 […]

LM358 oscillator circuit
Fading LEDs with IC LM358 Two strips of LEDs fading in a complementary manner 9V Battery-operated portable unit This circuit operates two LED strips[…]
LED or Lamp Pulser with IC LM358 Astonishing effect 4.5V supply This circuit operates a LED in pulsing mode, i.e. the LED goes from off state, lights up gradually, then dims gradually, etc.[..]
Simple switching regulator by LM358 , 78L05 This circuit uses a standard 78L05 low power 5v regulator in a novel way – as a voltage reference to a comparator. […]