Tone control IC

Pre Tone Control Stereo by IC NE5532 If you want Pre Tone Control Stereo circuit good some. I begs for to advise this circuit. Because use IC NE5532 make build and high-quality,price be inexpensive extremely. By this circuit can fine the bass – treble well, and fine the loud sound – the light. get fine to balance the sound everything is completed.

Tone Control Stereo (bass-treble) by IC NE5532 x2. A friend of me wants Tone Control Stereo circuit at can control the sound bass-treble-volume well. I then seek this circuit be Tone Control Stereo (bass-treble) by IC NE5532 x2. It uses the integrated circuit op-amp at have low many noises or low noise. Make good sound. build easy with. This circuit uses 2 pcs.

Pre Tone Control Stereo (bass-mid range-treble) by IC NE5532 This circuit Tone Control Stereo you can ajustable bass , mid range and treble. It use IC NE5532.

Stereo tone control circuit using IC TDA1524A The stereo tone control circuit with IC, be the circuit diagram that use just IC number TDA1524A. It be pillar heart in the work which, be IC the integrated circuit diagram of Philip. It can use a part tone control or a part fines the sound bass,….

Circuit Tone control adjustable bass-treble Stereo by IC LM348 Today we come to try out Tone control adjustable bass-treble Stereo Circuit by LM348. By group this circuit use just IC LM348 one only. As a result can usable fine decorate the sound has completed bass – treble and fine the popularity in the sound fully.

Versatile tone control using IC 741 This tone control circuit. A circuit design feedback tone control. This helps the smooth bass voice circuit and a rate increase – reduction of the signal at 18 dB.