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Voltage Reference

Voltage Reference circuit
Adjustable Current Source circuit
Voltage reference ic

Micropower Voltage Reference with LM4250A low-drift voltage reference can be easily made by converting a zero temperature coefficient current to a voltage. JFETs biased slightly below pinch-off exhibit a zero temperature coefficient drain current (ID) …
Voltage Reference using LM334 This Voltage Reference Circuit. It used LM334 (ADJUSTABLE CURRENT SOURCES IC)
By fix the trend is stable. It make the pressure that pay to come out have tall stability. By can fine decorate VR1 10K Adjust Voltage Output. And You can use Voltage Input power supply at +2.5V to +20V. …..
Stable Zener Reference Nowadays some first-rate voltage references are available. Take the LM385 for example: this is available for different voltages and even comes in an adjustable version. What is more, the current consumption may be kept very small (10 µA). But as often happens, you may not have one to hand when you need one for an experimental circuit….