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555 DC-AC Inverter

August 2, 2011 by

This DC-to-AC inverter schematic produces an AC output at line frequency and voltage. The 555 is configured as a low-frequency oscillator…Read more

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This is Simple inverter circuits There are very easy to making and low cost. if you think about buy its,I think it find easy too because it uses all normal components.

2N3055 Simple inverter 5W This simple inverter. the main aim of this circuit is to provide a suitable supply for all kind of low power battery chargers that normally connect to the mains such as mobile phones,….

A simple inverter for florescent lamps by D882 This inverter is very easy to construct, reliable, and even powerful enough to light up a 15W florescent tube (if you cool your transistor well). The only hard-to-find piece of this baby is the so-called yellow inverter transformer…..

Simple DC Converter For Digital Circuit by IC 555 This circuit Simple DC to DC Converter For Digital Circuit. It use Volt supply 5V Only, To Output Step up Volt 10V-12V DC max. I use IC 555 ( hot ic Timer) for Squarewave Oscillator to Driver ….

Simple High Power inverter by 2N3055 This is Simple High Power inverter by 2N3055 circuit. It use power transistor 2N3055 x 4 pcs. Assemble be Oscillator muti vibrator Drive Transformer output 110V by Input battery 12V….

Simple AC to DC converter 9VAC to 35VDC This again idea example ac to dc converter model to be simple. By modify 9VAC to 35VDC from when how many is see the circuit has already. Me uses base equipment only not? can enhance electricity …

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  • Morning alarm with sunlight using IC-4011 April 17, 2014
    This is simple circuit that we makes in hobby time or toys for my son but really uses. It will have sound alarm when morning like a normal clock alarm with lighting sensor same clock. We use a IC-4011 CMOS only one and a few components also can generate pulsating tone like a general clock. […] […]
  • Simple Electronic clock sound using IC4011 April 17, 2014
    The sound of insects such as crickets, cicadas, resulting from flutter briefly. We can use a multivibrator to connects as sound generator circuit to imitate these insects sound. Some electronic clock alarm tone also sounds similar to these insects. As Figure 1 is simple clock alarm sound generator that can assemble on a breadboard right […] […]
  • Simple Tone Generator using inverter logic form. April 16, 2014
    We use a simple oscillator circuit in very many projects. I like to use a inverter logic gate since it is easy and cheap. But we do not use it directly. Mostly I use IC4011 nand gates since includes for separate four positive logic nand gate on a single silicon chip. Enough for general use […] […]
  • 20 Electronic Projects # 1 April 11, 2014
    Now I am Electronic projects circuits blogger. It is hard work and dedicated time. We certainly need an income families. Many years ago, I had main revenue from adsense. Now the sponsor is ads banner And a commission from amazon I am so thankful all my friends a lot. Some friends wanted me to sell […] […]
  • Dual LED Flasher by 2N2907 April 9, 2014
    This circuit calls more Free Running Multivibrator work resemble Flip Flop. Which encourage itself repeatedly. The Q1 and Q2 be Transistor PNP be usable general (2N3906,2N2907, etc.) The R1 and R2 limit current that flow through LED the bilateral. If enhance the value C1 and C2 the rate something Flasher slow down. Request friends have […] […]