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stk amplifier circuit

June 23, 2011 by

Hybrid stereo PA OTL STK439 Series The power amplifier circuit this ,be regarded as highly popular circuit. At use prevent extensively. In producer stereo readymade group that have both of amplifier radio tape plaything and tuner include in same group….

STK4142-STK4192 Stereo Hybrid Amplifier 25W – 50W This IC species is regarded as stay in a level HI END. By can give output power with full speed ahead about 25-50Watt build beside depend on the number of IC at you choose , STK4142 -25W (+/- 26VDC) , STK4152 30W (+/- 28V) STK4162 35W (+/- 30VDC) , STK4172 – 40W(+/- 31V DC) , STK4192 – 50W (+/- 35V). …

2×25W Stereo Power Amplifier with STK4141II Here the stereo power amplifier based on single IC STK4141II. This amplifier circuit will deliver 25W on each output channel.
Recommended voltage is 27.5V for 8ohms speaker and 24.5V for 4ohms speaker while the maximum voltage to supply this circuit should be about 41 VDC. Heatsink usage on the power IC is a must.

2×30W Audio Amplifier with STK465 Simple circuit with higher power output, this amplifier circuit is very easy to build. Just look at the PCB layout of this circuit.. :) . The active component required is just the main power amplifier chip STK465….

2×100W Power Amplifier with STK4231II Here the high power audio amplifier dual output at 100W max each output channel. Great output power with only using single chip….

35W Power Amplifier with STK082 Here the great 35W power amplifier with single IC STK082 from Sanyo Semiconductor. Simple circuit with high power output..

50W Power Amplifier with STK-1050 This is a high output power amplifier based on power amplifier IC STK-1050.
1. Does not require externally connected emitter resistors.
2. Values of emitter resistors have carefully been reviewed to provide superior characteristics.

STK4241V Home Stereo Amplifier This Home Stereo Amp is equiped with STK4241V wich is a thick film hybrid IC, AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply) (120W+120W min, THD = 0.08%). STK4241V has some features like:
• Muting circuit built-in to isolate all types of shock noise…


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