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LED driver circuit

August 14, 2011 by

This be the led driver circuit. which can apply to led display. There is many the circuit by
control the brightness and can economize current get with. The circuit some uses power supply 1.5V
low can apply to apply to LED 5 pcs amounts have and to have tall brightness with.
You can see other circuit get.

Constant Current Source LED Drive
18 May 2008 … This is a Constant Current Source LED Driver, When the LED driver
Upper-NPN is driven by a voltage thru 4.7K the LED lights up.

High Power LED Driver Ki
20 Dec 2008 … High-power LEDs are quickly finding their way into the mainstream
thanks to their ever-lowering cost and high-reliability.

Li-Ion White LED Driver by LT1618
14 Jun 2008 … In addition to providing an accurate input current limit,
the LT1618 can also be used to provide a regulated output current for …

10 Aug 2007 … The circuit allows a precision regulated drive current to be set to drive
an LED, and in response to a TTL level signal, the LED is switched …

1.2V Drive 7 High efficiency white LED flashlight
7 Feb 2008 … High efficiency white LEDs have advanced to the point where they can replace
glow bulbs and other light sources not only as indicators, …

LM3914 – Dot/Bar Display Driver
29 May 2007 … �, LED driver outputs are current regulated, open-collectors …
The LM3914 is a monolithic integrated circuit that senses analog voltage …

13 Jun 2008 … This simple Linear circuit provides continuously variable regulated current
(~25-400mA) from a 4-6 … Li-Ion White LED Driver by LT1618 » …

Single AA cell drive 5 LED display flashing
30 Apr 2009 … This the circuit or schematic diagram inexpensive LED flashlight (LED display)
at 5 LED amounts that apply runs on a single aa cell battery …

8A Solinoid driver by Mosfet IRF150
11 Feb 2010 … This be 8A Solinoid coil driver circuit. Which use mosfet number IRF150 2 amounts,
be important equipment , it performs to drive Solinoid coil.

12 V Florescent lamp driver using mosfet
4 Feb 2010 … 12 V Florescent lamp driver using mosfet. Here is a simple and effective circuit
for driving florescent lamps from a 12 V supply. …


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