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Flashing strobe circuit

August 17, 2011 by

Flashing Strobe Nov 22, 2010  This the Photo Flash circuit in cheapness Camera. By this circuit be one charges with a single button press. Then have the convenience goes 

Double-Flash 12-24V Strobe by MC34063 The 34063 is configured as a voltage inverter with current limiting resistors on pin 7. Pin 5 is the voltage detect pin and together with its 1.25V internal reference, a 240:1 voltage step-up ratio is configured giving an output voltage of around 300V. The emitter on pin 4 of the 34063 drives an IRF540 MOSFET through a diode. A 12V Zener diode is at pin 4 to keep the gate drive voltage at or below 12V in the case of higher input voltages. …

High Power LED Strobe Kit Everyone has seen Xenon stroboscopes “stop” A quarter or flash spinning music. Now you can get the same effect without excessive costs and high pressure Xenon tubes! That is right, A strobe without Xenon flash tube to break! The price of super-bright light-emitting diodes, falling to keep its light continues to increase, making them accessible to all traffic signals to stop vehicles …

Strobe Light Apr 28, 2007  Strobe Light. The way that this circuit works is as follows.  The FlashFreq. Pot and the 10uf capacitor charge up which triggers the 

Xenon Strobe Light 110V by SCR This is Xenon Strobe Light circuit, model continual use a tube Xenon at give many brightnesses. By can fine blink fast or slow get , with VR1. By have SCR perform formed control the work and this circuit uses the fire AC 110 Volt or AC 220 Volt. But must use a pot transforms the sky decrease electricity pressure lower.
PWM Driven Safety Strobe by UC3842 – TL3842 You’ve seen them when you’re driving. Mailmen use them, snow plows have them. This is a schematic of the circuit inside.This was taken from a popular unit available at NAPA auto parts stores. It’s amazing how simple it is for a PWM circuit….

3-6V Xenon Strobe Light by IC 555 and IRF9Z20 This circuit used to come as a kit from a surplus supplier, but probably isn’t available anymore. It shows a few novel concepts such as using a 555 as a pulse width modulator (PWM), and series/parallel camera flash transformers….

Digital SLR Camera Dedicated i-TTL Flash for Nikon Sunpak’s Digital SLR Camera Dedicated TTL Flash Bounce head tilts 90- Degree vertically has i-TTL flash control and an illumination range up to 16 1/2′. Sunpak is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic flash equipment. It has earned a reputation for advanced technical achievement and superior quality. Sunpak electronic flashes are produced for …


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