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Clock circuit

August 14, 2011 by

LM8560 Digital Clock 24 Hr with alarm
27 May 2007 … If do you want clock timer cicuit. I like this Circuit LM8560 Digital Clock 24 Hr
with alarm. It is small and easy all in one pcb.

24 Second Shot Clock by IC digital
30 Jun 2007 … Circuit :Milardo de Guzman Email :Milardo de Guzman Description:
This is a circuit intended to be used in basketball shot clock.

PIC16F628 Digital Clock Timer
1 Feb 2008 … This clock timer uses a PIC16F628 microcontroller to display 3 and 1/2 digit time
and control an external load. It can be programmed to time …

PIC16F84 Alarm Clock
1 Feb 2008 … This is an alarm clock I built. It was very effective during
the sort time I used it, because I programmed it to play a very annoying tune …

Real Time Clock PCF8583
15 Jan 2008 … The PCF8583 is a clock/calendar circuit based on a 2048-bit static
CMOS RAM organized as 256 words by 8 bits.

Clock Pulse Generator by IC 4049
Clock Pulse Generator by IC 4049. … This is circuit Clock Pulse Generator,
It easy Circuit . Use IC Digital 4049, Pulse Rate = 1 /(1.4RC)

Digital Clock with MM5314N
23 Apr 2007 … The digital clock of circuit, has as base one IC, the MM5314N,
in which are contained all the circuits that need. The IC1 collaborates with …

Multifunction Digital Clock Kit
24 Nov 2008 … This watch features a kit astounding range of features! Set a timer,
from a date (a marriage, or most importantly the release of Spider-Man …

60HZ CLOCK Pulse Generator by IC MM5369
4 Jul 2007 … This is digital circuit, Pulse Generator 60HZ and TP 3.579MHZ. It use IC MM5369
- 8Pin easy use. power supply 12V. Out put Frequency 60HZ …

Simple Logic Probe by NE556
6 Aug 2007 … Assume a clock frequency of 10 kHz is applied to the probe tip. …
The circuit will detect clock frequencies between 1 Hz and 100 kHz, …

Simple Digital Counter by 4026
6 Feb 2008 … Now Click the Clk – clock or count button, the switch will latch,
press it again to release. If you toggle it once the counter will get a …

X’tal Oscillator Frequency by 74LS04
17 Jul 2007 … This circuit may used as clock frequency for many digital circuits.
I got this circuit from a microcontroller clock generator.

Running Lights by LM555 + 4017
4 Oct 2007 … The 555 Astable generates a clock for this circuit, an oscillator
giving a square wave output at pin 3 which is counted by 4017 to give a …

IC Digital 555 Pulse Generator
30 Jun 2007 … Enhanced 4 Digit Alarm Keypad by And Gate
24 Second Shot Clock by IC digital » … Cmos Logic Clock Oscillator by Ic 4011 …

555 timer pulse generator
31 Jan 2008 … Flyback Transformer Based high voltage generators
PIC16F628 Digital Clock Timer » 555 timer pulse generator. 555 timer pulse generator …

9 Second Digital Readout Countdown Timer
22 Apr 2007 … The 1 second clock signal from the 555 timer can be adjusted slightly …
The counter advances up or down on each positive-going clock …

4-digit Up-Down counter with PIC 16F88
3 Jun 2009 … Clock edge and leading zero suppression can also be configured. …
In free running mode the overflow output resets on the next clock pulse. …

1 Hz Timebase by IC 4017
11 Jun 2007 … Cmos Logic Clock Oscillator by Ic 4011 X tal Oscillator Frequency by 74LS04
400Watt power inverter Variable power supply Wireless …

Alternate 555 Oscillator
26 Apr 2008 … Cmos Logic Clock Oscillator by Ic 4011 · 8038 Tri-Waveform Generator
(Easy Oscillator Generator) · Triangle and Squarewave Generator …

32.768 KHz oscillator using a watch crystal
25 Jul 2007 … You can use to produce a 32.768 KHz square wave from a common watch crystal.
The output can be fed to a 15 stage binary counter to obtain a 1 second square wave.
The circuit on the left using the 4069

Random Number Generator by IC 4017 and 4011
16 Aug 2008 … It takes clock pulses from the clock input, and makes one of the ten outputs
come on in sequence each time a clock pulse arrives. …

Crystal Oscillator with IC Digital 74HC04
74HCU04 is a chip that was made for this purpose, HCT may not work for such a circuit.
C1 and C2 can go to upto 33pF and R2 can be increased to make R2 * C2 = t.

single digit voltmeter by IC 4028 LM311
12 Dec 2007 … The four bits are derived from CD4029 up-down clock pulse counter. …
The IC4A slow clock is read by 4029 which produces a count-down …

18 Stage LED Sequencer
26 Apr 2007 … The 2 diodes (1n914) and 15 resistor form a AND gate so the clock pulse
will be passed to the right side counter when the sequence starts. …

16 Stage Bi-Directional LED Sequencer
26 Apr 2007 … A Schmitt Trigger oscillator provides the clock signal for the counter
and the rate can be adjusted with the 500K pot. …

Single Zone Digital CMOS Alarm
30 Jun 2007 … 24 Second Shot Clock by IC digital · 60HZ CLOCK Pulse Generator by IC MM5369
Single Zone Digital CMOS Alarm. Circuit :Ron J Email Ron …


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